Will Paschal - This Is Gonna Be Awesome

One day during first grade my teacher taught us a lesson on carnivorous plants, and it interested me more than anything else at the time had.

That night I took my first grade textbook home and read every word of every paragraph having to do with those fascinating organisms. After I learned everything a first grader could on the subject I moved on to another closely related topic we discussed in science class the next day. And just like that I discovered my passion for science. I began inquiring about everything from the Earth beneath our feet to the brightest stars up above. I started doing experiments and tinkering with almost anything I could get my hands on. My family actually still has a really beat up Keurig sitting in the garage from when I tried to take it apart when my parents weren't home.

At night I'd go outside with my telescope and look at the stars, and more recently I've gotten into the habit of writing all my ideas down into a notebook that I take with me everywhere. So, when I heard about the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientists Challenge my heart was set on participation, for I knew that this was a great opportunity for me seeing as science is my favorite subject.

In the days before I received word that I'd been selected as a finalist I was a bit anxious to see how my months of research and hard work would pay off, and as you can imagine when the nice woman on the phone told me the news, I went outside and did a little happy dance for around ten minutes. I was absolutely ecstatic, and am even more so now that I know what is in store for me and all the other wonderful finalists!