Rohit - The Experience Begins


It was a quiet day at home, and I was enjoying the warm summer breeze outside, while not quite enjoying the stack of summer reading books next to me. I sighed, knowing I couldn't hold off on starting this assignment any longer, and I picked up the first novel in the stack. Suddenly, the phone rang.

I knew that Discovery Education and 3M could be announcing their top 10 finalists for the Young Scientist Challenge any day now, and I immediately dropped my book and sprinted to the door to get inside like a madman. It was the same routine as any other time the phone had rang since I entered the challenge. Except this time, there was an obstacle. Somehow, the door was locked. I don’t think I ever ran as fast as I ran that day, as I sprinted around the house from my backyard to my garage, threw open the door and checked the caller ID, panting. “Call from... Discovery Education,” the nice lady in the phone box said. The weeks of pacing and dreaming about the experience of being a finalist all culminated to this moment, where an immense feeling of mixed pride and dread swelled up inside me. I tried to keep calm and wait for the message to see what the call is about, because it just could’ve been something else.

“Hi, this is ----- calling from Discovery Education for Rohit. We have some good news to deli-” the voice says. I let my happiness loose and picked up the phone. “H-h-hi, this is Rohit,” I said.
And the rest is history.

Being chosen by Discovery Education and 3M has already been amazing and we’ve barely gotten started. I remember when I first found out about this, and I thought, “Wow, this could really be one of the greatest experiences of my life,” and I just decided then and there I was going to participate. As a participant in another science competition, which was amazing, I was motivated to try for one more experience. This inspiration really drove me to apply.

The application video was really a lot of fun to make. I combined my project slides with my speech to create it, and while I thought it turned out well, I never expected it would bring me to be a finalist. I did have a little problem, because my first video was over 3 minutes long, and the limit was about 2 minutes. So it was a little frustrating to cut ideas I thought may have been important, but interesting to learn how to really pick out the most crucial parts of a presentation. In the end, I was proud of my work.

My friends and family have been very supportive of me and my academic efforts. They all were nearly as excited as me when I told them I was chosen! They’ve provided constant enthusiasm and encouragement for me, and they’ve been a great help.

To be honest, if I end up winning this competition, I really can’t say for sure what I’m going to do. I feel like whether I win or don’t win, I’ll keep pursuing science. If I don’t win, I’ll wish I did and work harder towards my goal for the future: to be a surgeon. If I do win, it’ll only be more motivation to keep pushing towards that dream.

I’d like to thank Discovery Education and 3M for this wonderful opportunity. Now, looking to the future with a plan laid out and my friends and family by my side, all I can do is take advantage of this chance anddo my best.