Rohan Wagh - On Your Marks, Get Set, GO!

Hello Everybody, and Welcome to my Young Scientist Challange Summer Blog!

Im so excited to be one of the top ten finalists and to compete in the final event in St Paul. Thanks you to Discovery Education and 3M for chosing me as one of the finalists.

From the moment I heard about this competition I knew I had to enter and give it a shot. I had previously entered my project into the NWSE science fair and was placed first in my catagory. I knew I had to enter this competition to bring my project to the next level.

Creating my entry video was a challanging task. I had to constantly rerecord my voice over multiple times and at one point, my video was over three minutes long! It took a long time to edit, rerecord and compile my video untill finally, I got the finished project.

The period between the submission and the phone call was agonizingly long. I felt confident, but not absolutly sure how my entry would stack up. I knew i had more to share on my topic then I could fit in the 2 short minutes of video. Finally the day the call came. I was sitting at home when the phone rang, I went to pick it up not quite sure what to expect. The phone showed some unkown caller ID from out of state. I didnt recognize the number so I assumed it was either spam or for my parents and just waited until it stopped ringing. It wasnt untill I came back from school the next day and my parents told me that I was a finalist that I realized who that call was from!

I was extremely excited to be one of the finalists. I got a lot of congratulations but didnt spread the news to much because I am not the type of person to brag about themselves. But turns out, I didnt have to. The news spread and suddenly tons of people found out and were excited about it. I even ended up on my local newspaper, The Beaverton Valley Times.

Overall Im super excited and honered to be a finalist in this competition. I would like to thanks all the people at Discovery Education and 3M who made this possible. I am super excited to work with my mentor, Dr Mary Caruso Dailey, to enhance my project and learn more about Science.

Untill next time,

Rohan Wagh