Maanasa-Can't wait to get started

Hello fellow science enthusiasts!

I am so elated to have this amazing opportunity to work with an inspiring, knowledgeable scientist along with 9 other absolutely amazing people. I cannot wait to see my originally crazy ideas transform into a real innovation as this journey unfolds! When I first heard about the Young Scientist Challenge from my science teacher, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for science, and video editing to solve a 21st century problem.

Every year, my family travels over 8000 miles across the world to visit India. We are fortunate enough to have 24 hour access to air conditioning, lighting, and electricity in the scorching summers. But over 300 million people, lack access to clean water, simple electricity, and the basic lighting we take for granted. I decided to utilize my acquired skills and passion to reduce the global energy crisis.

Creating the entry video was a great experience, but the 2 minute time limit was a challenging obstacle. There was just so much information I wanted to convey in the brief video. *Hint hint future finalist: iMovie is your friend, shorter can be better, and visuals are great tools. After tedious hours of filming, refilming, and editing, I submitted my final product.

I anxiously awaited with anticipation for the results in June. After receiving the surprising call, I was speechless. Although I knew I had spent time, and effort, it was nonetheless wonderful. My family and friends were super excited too, I was inundated with congratulatory calls!

I am very honored to be selected as a finalist. I would like to express my gratitude towards organizations like Discovery Education and 3M for sponsoring this competition and inspiring students across to country to utilize our diverse skills to solve 21st century problems.

If I were to win the title of “America’s top young scientist”, I would use it as a platform to encourage other students to explore STEM, create, and innovate. The prize money would be utilized towards the development and application of my innovation and a portion would be donated to organizations like the local Dragonfly foundation.  

Remember: “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known-Carl Sagan."               Go off into the world with renewed purpose, ambitions, and most of all: questions!                Always believe, Uncle Sam wants you to change the world~Happy late fourth of July!

Until next time,
 Maanasa Mendu

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