Kaien Yang: Excitement to Start an Amazing Journey

I am most inspired by the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge’s focus on developing middle school students to tackle real world problems. 

Drawn to science at a young age, I conducted many experiments in our basement. I kept coming back to the bioplastic project, which I started four years ago. My search for a commercially viable bioplastic went through many liberating iterations of trials and errors through different base materials.

The recent Volkswagen diesel engine problems sparked an idea to further expand my project. I am extremely excited at the prospect of tackling two alarming global environmental challenges - the heavy dependence on petroleum-based fuel and non-biodegradable plastics - all in one project.

Words can’t describe my joy when I was notified as a finalist. I am excited to work under the wings of Dr. Mahfuza Ali to bring my project to real world applications and improve our environment. How honored and exhilarating it would be to share the wonders of science!