Hello everyone,

For the past week, I narrowed my list down to three problems and then selected one to solve as my final solution. I chose them based on what I knew from my previous experience, and eliminated the ones that addressed only a limited amount of the population.

However, taking the three problems and narrowing them down to just one was the toughest part of all. As I was determining which of the three problems would be best to solve, I took into consideration the time I had, if the solution was within budget, if it is measurable (if I am able to collect data), and the number of people it will impact.

I really want to take the time to thank my mentor, Dr. Mary Caruso Dailey, as she has guided me in the right direction. She provides me with valuable advice and feedback on my ideas. Dr. Dailey is also helping me by giving me access to the various 3M products that I can implement in my final solution. One crucial tip my mentor told me was that on a bigger picture, it is important to be able to test the prototype in a real situation.

I have gone through the 3M website, researching what products would best fit my project. My mentor and I have come up with a list of 3M products that I have decided to incorporate in my final solution.

Overall, I believe that my project is well on its way to success. I am satisfied with the progress of my solution. However, there is still a lot more work to be done. I am looking forward to building a prototype and measuring data values.