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Camellia- It will be a summer of STEM!

I am Camellia from Richmond, Virginia. Let me start with a confession, I still can’t believe that I am a 3M YSC Finalist! I traveled to St. Paul last year with my brother Cameron for the Finals.

Nishant- Welcome to iCART

      We have gained much materially through industrialization. Population growth, mushrooming cities, jet-setting worldwide travel — all demand more energy.

RESHMA – Entering the Young Scientist Challenge

Hello! My name is Reshma Kosaraju and I am a rising 8th grader. I live in San Jose, California, with my family which includes my parents and my younger brother.

Caroline-All Aboard!

Dear fellow scientists, My name is Caroline Crouchley and I live in Garden City, New York.  Next fall I will be entering the eighth grade.

Jaya-The Chance To Learn

Hello, everyone! My name is Jaya Choudhary, and I am a finalist in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge for 2019! I live in Canton, Michigan and I will be going to eighth grade this fall.

Tip Tuesday: One Week Left

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