Lawn Bot
Kathryn Lampo
Broomfield, Colorado
2017 Finalist
11700 IRMA DR
NORTHGLENN, CO 80233-2198
8th grade | 14 years old
Meet Kathryn. Her innovation, Lawn Bot, aims to reduce the amount of fresh water wasted during home lawn care.
Why did you enter the Young Scientist Challenge?
I entered the Young Scientist Challenge to push myself to think outside of the box and do a little more than a simple science project.
What is your favorite invention of the last 100 years, and why?
My favorite invention of the last 100 years is the Hubble Space telescope. Hubble’s pictures allow scientists and astronomers to further study the depths of space that they were not able to see before. It has led to many great scientific discoveries regarding not only our galaxy, but neighboring galaxies as well.
In 15 years I hope to be...
In 15 years I hope to be a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines with an aerospace engineering degree. I want to be designing space crafts that can help explore our solar system and enhance our knowledge of space.
Lawn Bot aims to help save over 50 million gallons of scarce fresh water a year by attacking the simple problem of over watering lawns and gardens.
Kathryn Lampo