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Shayan Farmand
Audubon, Pennsylvania
2011 Finalist
EAGLEVILLE, PA 19403-1802
6th grade | 11 years old
Shayan exhibits his passion for science through participating in science fairs, the science club and the math club. He is also a member of the Boy Scouts. Shayan plays the piano and is on the wrestling team.
Why did you enter the Young Scientist Challenge?
I recently won first place in my school science fair and also in the PJAS competition. My teacher thought I would be interested in the Young Scientist Challenge and introduced it to me. I am very pleased to join this competition.
What is your favorite invention of the last 100 years, and why?
I like the fact that there are so many things left unsolved and that science has no limits. I love discovering new things.
In 15 years I hope to be...
I would like to be a veterinarian, because it involves many different animal biologies and research.