Low cost Archery Assistant with an Interface for the Visually Impaired
Sriram Bhimaraju
Cupertino, California
2018 Finalist
Harker Middle School
3800 Blackford Ave
San Jose, CA 95117-1928
6th grade | 12 years old
Meet Sriram. Sriram developed Archery Assistant, an app that improves an archer’s accuracy by correcting form in real-time using a Bluetooth sensor.
Why did you enter the Young Scientist Challenge?
I love science and technology, and I feel inspired to make an impact in the world at a young age. I wanted to be a young scientist! At the same time, I started archery and I loved it. I then noticed that I needed a tool that would help me and other people practice archery daily, so I decided that an archery project would be the perfect.
What is your favorite invention of the last 100 years, and why?
My favorite invention of the last 100 years are I.C. (Integrated Circuit) chips, because they bring innovation to the hands of young scientists like me. Without I.C. chips, none of the technology I used would be functional, and so many other great inventions would not exist. People like me would not be able to make an impact on the world without the invention of the I.C. chip.
In 15 years I hope to be...
A Nobel Laureate
"When my mom asked in surprise, "It isn't working?" I responded, "Of course it isn't working; it's hardware!""
Sriram Bhimaraju