Annual Challenge

Challenge Participants

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Dr. Mahfuza Ali

Dr. Ali has developed a number of technologies including specialty thermoplastic and PSA polymers, quaternary monomers/polymers, ink-receptive polymers and surface modification.

Dr. Raha Been

Dr. Been's work at 3M focuses on the development of advanced wound care technologies and products and holds a central role in 3M's future in regenerative medicine.

Dr. Mary Caruso Dailey

Dr. Dailey is currently developing a thermal bond adhesive for new products and new technologies around responsive materials for 3M’s Industrial Adhesive and Tapes.

Dr. Benton Free

As a part of his role with the Electronics and Energy Group Laboratory, Dr. Free has worked on a diverse set of technologies.

Dr. Cordell Hardy

While a project developer for 3M's Consumer and Office business, Dr. Hardy guided the development of various adhesives, tapes, and home cleaning products.

John Henderson

The impact of John Henderson’s work can be seen anywhere there’s been an impact – between vehicles, that is.

Dr. Delony Langer-Anderson

I have an awesome job. I come to work and use my imagination, education, and experience to translate ideas into physical products that people can use every day in their homes and at work.

Margaux Mitera

Collaboration is key to taking ideas further, and having the right tools can make all the difference.

Dr. Kris Thunhorst

Dr. Thunhorst collaborates closely between the Industrial Business Group Research and Development Laboratory to scout and research new technologies