Dr. Alireza Kashef-Asgari

3M Global New Product R&D Manager, Powered & Supplied Air Respiratory Lab
Personal Safety Division
Dr. Kashef-Asgari leads the development of innovative respiratory products, that protect the health and safety of millions of workers, all over the world.

Meet Dr. Alireza Kashef-Asgari. As the new product development leader for 3M’s Powered and Supplied Air (P&SA) commercialization team, Dr. Kashef-Asgari understands that a customer’s biggest asset is their workforce. Ali leads a multidisciplinary team that brings together experts within electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, product design, and respiratory science, to create new and innovative Powered Air Purifying Respiratory (PAPR) devices designed to improve the health and safety of workers.

With a background in computational material science, and alongside a talented team of engineers and designers, Ali is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to solve customers' respiratory protection challenges.

Ali earned his doctorate in engineering from Deakin University in Australia in 2009. He joined the Personal Safety Division of 3M in 2018, after five years working in and leading multiscale modeling and computational modeling in 3M corporate laboratories.