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The Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

Enter today for the chance to meet other science super-heroes and work with 3M mentors to turn your ideas into reality.

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Calling all curious minds and problem solvers! The Young Scientist Challenge is now open for entries. Students in grades 5-8 are invited to submit a 1-2 minute video describing a unique solution to an everyday problem for the chance to win $25,000 and an exclusive 3M Mentorship. Ten finalists will be chosen for their passion for science, spirit of innovation and ingenuity, and effective communication skills.

Thousands of students nationwide have participated in the competition and winners have gone on to do some amazing things; including speak in front of Congress, work with the nation's top scientists, and pursue academic careers in the sciences.

Top Finalists at 3M

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Winners + Finalists (Archives)

Inspiration is all around you. All you have to do is find the spark! Check out the submission videos and final presentations of the young scientists before you to jumpstart your creativity.

Storyboard Template

A storyboard is a great way to draft out your idea. Sketching out your idea on a storyboard template allows you to think about your message, what is your story, and how you will communicate your vision.

Scientific Process

  • Make Observations
  • Identify the Problem
  • Narrow Down Your Problem
  • Brainstorm Solutions
  • Focus on One Idea
  • Elaborate on Your Idea
  • Research
  • Your Plan
  • Conclusions
  • Write Out a Script